Having Lunch

School Breakfast Program

We are developing a support base for Indigenous school aged children with an initiative to provide the funding and resources for a regular school breakfast program in identified target schools who are participating in the program we have designed to support at risk and under privileged indigenous children.

Together with corporate sponsors, our goal is to roll out this program in twelve High Schools by the end of 2021.

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Helping Hands

Australian Charity Cooperative (Queensland)

We are developing a new and exciting concept of cooperation amongst identified charities based in Queensland with a view to establishing a sustainable network of support for charity organisations who do not typically attract grant relief or support from State or Federal Government.

This is our "Many Hands" project and we believe strongly in the potential of kindred charities and organisations to help each other up and to advance the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across many jurisdictions and general community sectors and demographics.

Our Many Hands project is a project of inclusion and participation, an opportunity to maximise support potential from with organisations with shared values and motivations to promote tolerance and advocate for those who wither cannot or may not know how to advocate for themselves.

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